Never before have we seen old and new media segmenting into silos, leading to disjointed and fragmented media strategies.

A New Way to Buy Media

Fusion Media is a next generation planning and buying agency that doesn’t silo traditional and digital media expertise leaving it up to advertisers to determine how the two media types combined should be budgeted and executed for optimal results.

We see a new way to plan and buy media where media fragmentation is an opportunity.  An opportunity for marketers to blend traditional and digital media, especially video and audio media, to work in concert–not so much fragmented as they are complementary.

Media Can and Should Work in Concert

Consumers don’t distinguish between a video ad they see on linear TV versus connected TV.  We believe for this reason, the way to buy media should be “agnostic”—not looking at traditional and digital media separately but as one.

The expertise to blend the two eliminates the confusion and uncertainty of an increasingly fragmented media landscape by helping advertisers understand where their target audience is consuming media and if you are effectively reaching them.  Effectively reaching target audiences for most advertisers still requires the use of traditional media.

Understanding the New Media Landscape

With Fusion Media’s team of experts, you can be confident that your marketing and advertising initiatives are reaching your target audience with the best blend of traditional and digital media.

The key to leveraging media fragmentation as an opportunity for higher impact is to understand the unique qualities of each media type—traditional and digital. Media planners versed in both types can then outline a media mix tailored to:

  • media consumption patterns of a target audience
  • the optimal budget to allocate to each media type in order to achieve campaign goals
  • local markets

Old Funnel/New Tricks

Effective advertising today still needs to take consumers through the same funnel used in the past.  Taking them through it just involves selecting from a new bag of tricks.

Branding- Awareness
TV, TV Everywhere, Radio, Outdoor, Pandora, Online Display and Video, Social Media

Direct Response
Website, SEO, Paid Search, Directories, Blogs, and Direct Marketing

Strategic Process

Fusion Media streamlines the process of planning and placing media in today’s complex world. Our work begins with a strategic process that ends with a media roadmap. This roadmap then helps us navigate through offline and online options to arrive at the best media mix.

Using 3rd party data and planning tools, we stretch to find information that can pinpoint a target audience and where they are most likely to be reached. We then develop media plans that identify and leverage target audience touch-points aimed at achieving the campaign objective.

Fusion Media planners and buyers take an agnostic approach to media and are experts at blending the right mix of traditional and digital channels for the best results. See our success stories