For this client, cardiology was an area with lower awareness and reputation nationwide. As a top-ten ranked hospital in the U.S., this was an opportunity to improve reputation and referrals by increasing awareness of its innovative heart institute.

Strategic Approach

Finding an affordable way to reach a small target audience that spends little time with traditional and non-traditional media was a challenge. Using research tools, we uncovered how cardiologists and subspecialists use media and then create a communications roadmap of online and print media to increase awareness and reputation.



Online exceeded campaign goals and delivered the strongest results—1, 094 clicks in the first six months versus a goal of 600. The online campaign also generated 401 downloads of video and team listings. Cardiologists and subspecialists filled out 5 forms and made 3 phone calls to learn more about the hospital’s heart institute. Post-campaign research conducted by the hospital showed its heart institute’s awareness increased from 30% to 67% and that ad recall significantly improved the likelihood to refer patients.