Put more of the health system’s marketing budget into working media dollars through buying and agency efficiencies. Client’s marketing services and media planning and buying responsibilities were divided across 6 hospitals, Senior Health and Housing, Weight Management, and Healthplexes. Each hospital/division could negotiate independent contracts with media vendors and in many cases multiple contracts via multiple representatives for the same media vendor were created without centralized coordination or leverage of scale.


Consolidate and evaluate all media tactics and contracts across the market.


Evaluate media placements based on delivery into each county or zip code and cross reference with each location’s patient service area to eliminate overlap and assure that advertising for each location was focused in the correct geography. Then leverage the buying scale of the client with local media companies to secure added value on top of media efficiencies.


15-20% savings across the combined advertising budgets and significantly streamlined process for media planning and buying. Not only did our client benefit from lower media rates and costs, they also received 10% more advertising impressions from bonus placements.

Our success in Cincinnati earned Fusion Media the assignment of media agency of record for their entire footprint, including all of Ohio and parts of Kentucky and West Virginia. All media strategy, planning and buying is managed by our team of professionals in conjunction with internal marketing managers in each hospital area.