Snappy Tomato Pizza’s same store sales had been declining for three years when Fusion Media came on board as its media planning and buying agency. Advertising during that time consisted almost entirely of coupon print media.

Strategy Approach

Using the same annual budget for advertising, a media mix was recommended with better reach of the young male and “soccer mom” target audiences.


Secondary research analyzing pizza dine-in and carry-out consumption provided insights into the target audiences’ media habits. Geographic analysis of Snappy Tomato marketing areas provided another layer of insight since many stores are in rural counties where some of the media being used in the past wasn’t even providing cost-effective coverage. Based on these insights and negotiations with different media vehicles, a new media mix of coupon print, direct mail, cable TV, and social media was used.


Within nine months of employing the new media strategy same store sales began to level out and show signs of growth. Within eighteen months, same store sales were up double digits overall.