Boost attendance to a legacy ATP tennis tournament after several years of dealing with effects of the pandemic. As the new media agency, demonstrate how better media planning and execution can achieve the aggressive goal for single ticket sales.


Identify three target audiences: Tennis Fan, Entertainment Seeker and Business Builder—past campaigns only targeted tennis fans and business builders.  Research media habits for each target audience and evaluate media for reach and efficiency where targets were geographically concentrated (Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis). Launch campaign of premium local TV/Cable (i.e. French Open, Wimbledon, PGA, Indy 500, Tony           Awards) in these markets 3 months prior to the tournament. Add regional buy of the Cincinnati Reds for impact and cost-efficiency. Negotiate for over $100k in trade media. For core markets of Cincinnati and Dayton, start media mix of upper funnel awareness media (local TV, cable, connected TV, radio, audio streaming and outdoor) 6 weeks prior.


More than double the number of impressions from the prior year’s campaign with the use of cost-effective outdoor and better negotiated local TV, cable and radio (42% more spots).  Add cash buys to the trade buys for guaranteed placement.  Monitor media buys weekly to avoid any post buy surprises during the tight advertising window.


Second best individual tickets sales in the history of the tournament, smashing the sales goal.