Manufacturers reduced coop budgets in 2017 because they anticipated a softening of new automotive sales. The opportunity presented to Fusion Media was to take this client’s reduced budget and develop a 2017 media plan and buys that delivered the same advertising weight (GRPs and impressions) as the internal buys from 2016.

Strategy Approach

Dig into the media behavior for each automotive brand sold by the automotive group (Chevy, Chrysler and Kia) to find more cost-effective ways to reach them at the right time and place. Maintain legacy sponsorships while also making the necessary strategic changes.


Internal media plans and buys had one target audience. Fusion Media buys were customized for each automotive brand’s best prospective consumer. In addition to customized buys based on the media habits of each brand’s target consumer, we leveraged their annual spend to negotiate for more added value media as part of every buy.


Fusion Media’s 2017 media plan and buys delivered not only the same advertising weight as in 2016, but 6.8% more despite the lower budget.