Fifty-one percent of shoppers prefer to receive their coupons on their smartphones. The number rises to 73% for millennials, 76% for parents and 81% for millennial parents. Sixty-one percent of consumers use a savings app from a grocery store, drugstore, mass merchant or supercenter once a month or more. The figure rises to 80% for millennials, 86% for parents and 90% for millennial parents.

Most shoppers rank saving money as their top priority, alongside convenience. Their decisions to activate coupons are less driven by media but more by value and ease of use. They want to save with both digital and paper coupons and therefore, brands must make them available to drive more sales.

As such, marketers must adopt an omnichannel approach to meet diverse customer preferences while dialing up specific channels based on the behaviors of their target audiences.

The search for deals and savings isn’t limited to retail and shopping. Forty-five percent of consumers use coupons, discounts or offers at least half the time when ordering from restaurants. This is particularly prevalent among millennials (61%), parents and millennial parents (67%).

While some consumers are still reluctant to dine at restaurants, 63% say they are comfortable with ordering carryout or delivery. Coupled with the sentiment to support local businesses — 65% of people say it’s important to support local restaurants — there are many opportunities for restaurants to attract diners by offering discounts and incentives through various channels.

In particular, restaurant booking apps speak to consumers’ desire to engage with brands via smartphones. Promoting discounts and deals on these channels is a strategy that restaurants should lean into in 2021 and beyond.