Traditional TV continues to drive audience reach but streaming platforms like free ad-supported streaming (FAST) are growing in popularity with viewers. In the second half of 2022, FAST channels made up 30% of total ad views in the US, proving that FAST and other over-the-top (OTT) services offer advertisers other vehicles to access audiences.  There’s been a substantial increase in programmatic deals in the US driven by greater CTV adoption and the rise of FAST channels.

FAST channels have redefined distribution in a way that no other platform has before. It has opened the floodgates for publishers to monetize content while giving viewers the experience they crave – a live linear experience like having a cable subscription. Currently representing 50% of all OTT ad views, FAST channels will only grow.

CTV is highly fragmented, but when seen in the collective it represents over 70% of ad views in the US.  With premium video consumption continuing its steady climb, advertiser interest in the medium is expected to continue to increase, with more brands diverting to premium video as
one of the most effective strategies for connecting with highly engaged and targetable audiences.  Programmatic views continue to grow in the US, with guaranteed deals
promising to deliver a specified number of impressions as the preferred purchase practice.