Yes, Facebook announced recently that their algorithm for what appears in your feed has been updated.   Your Facebook Home algorithm is now prioritizing recommended video content from creators. By “video content” they mean those funny, sometimes annoying TikTok-esque videos. All the content from your friends will now be in a totally separate Feeds tab. Video content has been the talk of the town in marketing land for a few years, now. Updates like this continue the evolution of just what kind of video content is trending, and “worthy” of the Facebook algorithm.

What’s more, Instagram announced EVERY video posted will now be classified as a Reel. So, if you have any video content, you can jump on in! Your video content will now be published in the Reels section – you know, where you can sit and scroll and suddenly realize it’s been HOW MANY hours?! Plus, they show up on Explore now, too. Marketers need to get savvy on how to create video reels that up their brand’s engagement organically…pronto!