Not surprisingly, Covid-19 has changed the way people consume media, therefore changing the way advertisers are spending their media dollars. From a messaging standpoint, advertisers are also shifting their messaging to one that focuses on their mission, their e-commerce experience and brand-building.  Their messaging and media strategies have had to pivot as surges of the pandemic continue to shape how consumers work, live and shop.

Time spent with digital media is up across all platforms – Video & Connected TV, Audio, Social and Gaming.  For example, streaming video from OTT to YouTube are up over 50% as people flock to key news sources to understand the latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. For media sellers, this means audiences are growing, and for media buyers reaching their desired and highly engaged audience has never been easier.

According Nielsen, the use of mobile devices has increased by 70%!  People may be spending less time out of their homes because of Covid-19, but they are choosing to spend their increased time with digital media on a mobile phone.