Dr. Scott Sayre and his team at Advance Dentistry have formed Cincy Care to Share in an effort to give back to the community and encourage professionals to donate their time and services of any kind for one day each year.  According to the Center for Disease Control, one in five US adults reported that they needed but did not receive either medical care or dental care – because they could not afford it.  Since its inception in 2012, Dr. Sayre and his team of dentists and hygienists have helped over 2,500 people in need of dental services but without the ability to pay.

“Cincy Care to Share is a small way for us to make a positive impact on the significant need in the community for routine dental care,” Dr. Sayre said. “The team at Advance Dentistry is excited to partner with other providers to expand the healthcare services available through this event.”

Dental services offered at Cincy Care to Share include either one cleaning, one filling, or one extraction on a first come, first served basis for individuals ages 18 and older.  Advance Dentistry has partnered over the years with other businesses to offer during Cincy Care to Share free flu shots, eye exams, haircuts, and blood pressure tests.


Fusion Media as the media agency of record for Advance Dentistry is proud of the time we donated to negotiate with local TV and radio stations for free air time to help build awareness of this wonderful day of giving back to the Greater Cincinnati community of Greater.