CTV (Connected TV)—Premium content streaming via internet connection through apps, either on a smart TV or through an OTT (over-the-top) device (fire stick, roku , gaming box etc.)

CTV “buys” are more like digital:

  • Guarantee impressions served to a specific defined audience in defined geography down to the zip code level
  • Specific programming, “channels”, and times are not available
  • Like digital, CTV is highly fragmented, especially in ad-supported channels like Pluto, YouTube and Tubi
  • Most of CTV is purchased programmatically (using automated technology that accesses data insights, third party audience data and algorithms to serve ads across aggregated content/publishers)

Non Skippable —viewers don’t have the option to skip or fast forward through commercials (doesn’t necessarily account for whether viewers are paying attention or not, similar to linear television)

CTV CPM’s significantly higher than linear TV

  • CTV cost-per-thousand pricing is two-three times the cost of linear broadcast and cable TV. The more complex the CTV audience targeting, the higher the CPM.