The highlight of the Brandemonium conference for Fusion Media was keynote speaker Kirk Perry, President-Brand Solutions at Google. Kirk talked about the six things that brands should watch to innovate and thrive.

  1. Online is going mobile so be ready for it. Data shows that mobile apps need to load in 3-seconds or less, otherwise 52% of people will abandon it.  Forcing people to watch a :30 video on a mobile device is proving to be brand negative. For YouTube, 7-second videos are performing best.
  2. Reach online is plentiful but attention is scarce. Start measuring your online marketing based on the attention gained versus target audience reach. Using data to target more exact audiences and having relevant messaging for them is the important thing.
  3. Consumers today expect “Magical Experiences”. Examples of brands already understanding this are Tesla with its simplified online ordering that takes just 3-screens to buy a Tesla, Hilton where everything from checking in to getting your room key can be done online, and local restaurant Boca that focuses on BPA (blow people away) experiences.
  4. AI is coming fast and will use today’s mass data to have machines perform human tasks at lightning speed and with complete accuracy. Prediction is that AI will get to the point where the applied data can become rationale like human beings.
  5. Immersion experiences like augmented reality (AR) are bringing reality into consumers’ lives for better brand engagement. An example is Wayfair’s AR app WayfairView launched in January 2017 allowing shoppers to visualize furniture and décor in their homes before making a purchase.  In the future, AR could allow us to create our own avatar that can be used to buy apparel that fits before ordering it online.
  6. Real time health care is coming through technology like digital watches that aren’t just smartphones but also continuously monitor your health between annual physicals and Verily Smart Lenses that can sense glucose levels.

Fusion Media is always working to stay on top of technology and changing industry trends to help our clients thrive.  Conferences like Brandemonium and marketing thought leaders like Kirk Perry make it possible.