As traditional channels are replaced by digital channels, traditional media companies are adding digital departments to replace lost revenue.  Television, cable, radio, outdoor and print media companies are now selling search, social, banner advertising and audio and video streaming media…often directly to  advertisers.

This practice is becoming more prevalent and media companies are now trying to sell full-service digital media to agencies and clients.  There are several issues associated with using media companies for digital media services, including built in bias, hidden fees and lack of transparency.  We encourage our clients to be very cautious and refer all media sales reps “pitching” digital media services to Fusion Media.  We can provide a fair and transparent strategic and value-based evaluation and point-of-view.  The advantages include:

  • Expertise and Experience – our team of media planners and buyers have years of experience understanding local markets, media channel nuances and pricing, strategic targeting and more.  We know what’s a great media deal and what is overpriced or off-target.
  • “Big Picture” Perspective – we have no bias toward one medium or channel, which allows us to offer advice based solely on our clients’ marketing objectives.
  • Collective Buying Power – we leverage the collective budgets of all our clients to benefit each individual client.
  • Saves You Time – with Fusion Media as the one point of contact for all media sales reps, it saves clients valuable time meeting with reps and evaluating the constant onslaught of media proposals and “pitches”.

The reality in today’s world is that we all have access to much of the same media “inventory”.  The secret to success is how to strategically evaluate all options and find the best value to achieve the client’s business objectives.  This requires specialized skills, resources, and experience dealing with a wide range of clients. across different mediums.