Whether buying radio in Lansing, Lubbock, or Los Angeles, ratings are your yardstick.  In today’s radio world, ratings from daypart to daypart are almost at parity.  Versus in the past when morning and afternoon drive dayparts typically had higher ratings.  Midday now is earning ratings that are as good as or even higher than the drive times.

With a humming economy and the lowest unemployment rate in years, midday radio has more value. As more consumers hold down full-time work, the odds they’ll access audio while on the job rises.  It’s also a known fact that worker’s make their to-do lists at work, shop online at work and offline during their lunch break.

We recognize that midday radio or what we call the “Working Daypart” has become a key component in reaching target audiences close to the moment of consideration or purchase.  Midday is also one of the least expensive radio dayparts, adding to its overall value.