About Us

Founded by two media veterans, Lyn Jarc and Sue Schoenling, Fusion Media has the special ability to connect clients with their B2C and B2B audiences in a way that is targeted, engaging, and always aligned with their business objectives. Our team of media professionals work in collaboration with our clients and their creative teams to develop media plans that flow from the communication strategies and generate measurable results.


Lyn Jarc Fusion MediaWith 25+ years of experience in strategic media and marketing planning and client service, Lyn is a Former Partner/Sr. Vice President for Empower Mediamarketing where she was responsible for clients representing $2.5MM in annual revenue and $45MM in annual billings. Her experience includes traditional and digital media across a wide variety of categories including healthcare, retail, consumer packaged goods, non-profit organizations, restaurants/fast food chains, youth marketing, and business-to-business trade marketing.


sue schoenlingOver the past 25 years, Sue has worked to find creative and cost-effective ways for clients to deliver their messages to consumer or business-to-business targets. She starts with an uncanny ability to listen and absorb information from clients and then applies a unique blend of analysis, creativity, and intuition to uncover insights—insights that produce communication strategies to grow a client’s business. Sue has a mixture of agency and client experience. She worked for Grey Global, one of the top 10 largest agencies in the world, on accounts such as Dannon, Febreeze, Jackson Hewitt, and Red Lobster. Before that, Sue spent five years as Director of Marketing Communications for bigg’s Hypermarket and Foods, a subsidiary of SuperValu.